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The Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System is here!

Cutting Edge Window Technology

Cutting Edge Window Technology

Ever Shine Windows are very pleased to announce that we’re upgrading our UPVC Window system.

Previously we used the Profile 22 FS70 System, which has always given us great results, but now we feel it’s time to move forward.

Ever Shine Windows have made the decision to upgrade to the Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System.

As advancements in window system technology move forward we want to make sure we are delivering the latest benefits to our customers.

What’s the Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System for?

What’s the Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System for?

The Optima system is designed for the production of casement, Tilt and Turn, French casements and residential and French doors.

It’s a fully-integrated, 70mm-depth system, easy to install and suitable for a wide range of projects where a sculptured profile is required.

Benefits of the Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System:

Benefits of the Profile 22 Optima Sculptured System:

Better insulated, with more chambers.
Increased thermal performance.
Increased versatility, with a wider range of sills, baypoles and accessories.
Better choice, with the most glazing options on the market.
Better weather protection.

Casement Windows

Vertical Slider Windows

If the Window Hinges run vertically down the side so the full sash Opens from one side this is known as a Side Hung.

Vertical Sliders are commonly associated with period proporties, they also look great on newer homes.

Tilt & Turn Windows

A Tilt and Turn window is a sash which opens inwards in 2 ways.

The whole of the window opens inwards for easy cleaning.

Choose to tilt the window inwards from the top to allow for secure ventilation.

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